Petäjäveden Metalli

Oy Petäjäveden Metalli Ab is a subcontracting machine shop that was founded in 1980 and is specialised in producing bent and compressed parts of steel plates and moulded steel. Due to the wide range of machinery, the company is able to provide the mass production of both small and medium-size components and form single heavy steel parts. The advanced CNC guiding system contributes to the excellent measurement accuracy of products.

The company started from workforce rental services in Sweden and Norway, while operations in Finland started in 1979. At that time, the company focused on the production of accumulators and boilers.

In 1986, the company became a subcontracting enterprise. The production principle was changed to meet the needs of clients. The current machines represent a unique production technology, which is not available anywhere else in Scandinavia.

Over the decades, Petäjäveden Metalli has grown into a significant parts supplier for the metal industry in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

A fully automated robot production cell allows fast and high-quality mass production.